Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation
Business Process Automation 

We at Cremisoft specialize in providing concultancy and implementation services for Business process Automation. Automaition helps free resources who are otherwise busy doing monotonous work and instead they can be utilized in 
other critical functions. Using SAP solutions, we advise what is the best autmoation strategy and our expert team will be able to execute automation on ground within favorable timelines. 
Our strategy to automation is as follows:

1. List manual processes 
2. Identify most time & resource consuming manual processes 
3. Analyze if the whole process or part of the process can be automated 
4. Analyze how the process can be automated and what technology can be used
5. Design automation programs
6. Develop, test and deploy the solution post Business Acceptance of solution  

Reusable frameworks:

While developing solution, is it on our DNA to create reusable frameworks. Programming is done in the form of resuable building blocks. For examle a simple thing such as currency convertor or form generation is done in the form of reusable code. 
A repository is made for all such resuable frameworks available. This repository reduces need of writing same code again and keeps system clean and resuces cost of developing and maintenance of software. 
Moreover this code is fully tested and hence the solution remains bug free and there are less incidents.Some of the resuable framweorks created ar:

1. ABAP reusable code based on ABAP classes
2. Javacode for trace logging 
3. Integration packages with major cloud solution such as Salesforce, Successfactors, Ariba, Concur, Hybris etc
4. Common framework for analytical reporting 

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